What Are the Elements of Branding?
  1. Brand positioning

Brand positioning is where your company or business stands in the market, including what your business does, its values and how it’s different from the competition. Positioning takes targeting a step further and involves strategising your marketing efforts to ensure that your tactics effectively reach the targeted market segment.

  1. Brand identity

Brand identity refers to the features of your company that are recognisable to your consumers, including logos, fonts, colour palette and social media platform representation.

  1. Brand personality

Your brand personality is what your company or business is known for. As humans, we all have personality traits that make us unique; business brand personality is the same. The personality traits for a business spread from employees, clients, partners to the organisation itself.

  1. Brand targeting

Brand targeting refers to what segment of the market you want to reach, and it includes dividing your target market into different parts. The segments can consist of age, geographic location, income level and behavioural traits.

  1. Brand values

These are the principles and beliefs that your company or business stands for. Brand value makes your business relatable and real to consumers. Everyone wants to be associated with an authentic brand and have values that guide them in life—company values such as humility, handwork and care. Align your brand with meaningful values to you and your brand, and the results will be excellent.

  1. Brand promise

The brand promise is what your organisation has promised to fulfil to its customers. It is all about how you articulate the unique value that your business provides customers with. It includes the mission and mission statement of your business. When coming up with a promise, consider what your clients, employees and partners should expect when interacting with the brand.

  1. Brand voice

Brand voice is the consistent personality and emotion that you infuse into your company’s communications. It helps to humanise your brand, showcase your values, and distinguish yourself from competitors. Your voice is your brand’s steady personality that your customers know and love.

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