When and How to Incorporate Interactive Content

When and How to Incorporate Interactive Content

Interactive content is produced with the purpose of engaging viewers by making them interact with it. Thus, it requires active participation, and it empowers the individual to be more just a passive viewer or reader.

What’s the Importance of Interactive Content?

  • Interactive content attracts and engages the user. It grabs the user's attention more effectively than static content and engages them for a more extended
  • Interactive content aid in lead generation. It offers real value to users, and users tend to give up their information willingly if they get something in return.
  • Interactive content helps improve brand awareness, build trust and maintain a steady relationship with clients.

When & How to Incorporate Interactive Content

Your brand can incorporate interactive content to increase user engagement, build trust and increase brand awareness. Interactive content helps your clients get to know you better, and you get to understand what they want from your brand in terms of products or services.

There are different types of interactive content that you can include on your blogs or social media platforms, including:

  1. Ads

Use interactive ads to encourage the user to engage with the advertisement physically.

  1. Quizzes

The internet is filled with quizzes from different companies at the moment. Many companies use quizzes to interact with their clients as they are the most common type of interactive content.

  1. Calculators

An interactive calculator is also a tool that you can include in your content. If your brand requires your audience to do a lot of calculations, this is a valuable tool.

  1. Assessments

An interactive assessment engages the user by giving a score based on the correct answers they give. It helps gather information about your audience.

  1. Polls and surveys

This type of interactive content is used on social media platforms. Social media apps have provided the feature by default. All you need to do is edit your questions and share.

Interactive content gets more engagement than passive content, which is why it’s a great idea to invest in creating more interactive content to increase user engagement and leads.

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