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What Is the Importance Of ‘Contrast Ratio’ in Design?

In website design and other visual content design, the contrast ratio is very important. It is a topic that requires a lot of consideration because it can positively or negatively impact your brand.

Why Consider The Contrast Ratio?

It is important to consider the contrast ratio in design because not all people are equal. Some have colour blindness and this can affect their ability to read or see your content.

It is not even a must that you have colour blindness or vision deficiency. A good example is trying to read a yellow text on a white background. This causes eye strain.

You need to consider the contrast ratio in design to ensure that your content can be consumed by many people without problems.

Basic Contrast Ratio Guidelines

As a designer, it is important to follow the set contrast ratio guidelines to ensure your content is readable. These guidelines include;

  • Visual text and image content needs to have a contrast ratio of 4:5:1
  • There is an exception for large texts because they are easier to read. Medium and large text can fulfil these guidelines as long as they have a contrast ratio of 3:1.
  • Incidental text can fulfil this guideline as long as they serve as decorative texts.
  • Any text that is within a logo is also an exception for the guidelines.

To make sure the colour you use is in line with set guidelines, there are a few things that you need to do. This includes using several online contrast checkers.

These tools will help you determine whether the correct contrast ratio is used. Ensure that you factor in the font size to accurately determine the best contrast ratio.

Bad contrast makes your audience to struggle while trying to interact with your product or website services. This can easily cause resentment and even frustration which can harm your brand.

Note that not all guidelines work because as a brand you want to have your own set of colours and contrast that represents your brand. Make sure that you consider the contrast ratio in your designs.

You need to pay attention to the colour contrast when designing your website or other visual content for your brand. This will offer inclusivity and make sure everyone can access your content.

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