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What Are The Basic Web Design Principles?

A good website design should fulfil its purpose of portraying the internet content to the readers. At the same time, a good website design should enable engagements and deliver the message that you like to communicate to your audience.

Several things make up a basic web design principle. This includes simplicity, typography, consistency, visual appearance, layout and more.

A good website design helps you to cultivate trust with your audience. To achieve this, you should make sure that your website has all the design principles for the best results.

The following are the primary website design principles:

Website Purpose

The first thing that the audience needs to know is the purpose of your website. You should always make sure that you communicate this clearly on all pages. This can involve highlighting our expertise, your mission, and how your customers relate to your business.

Website purpose also goes beyond simply explaining and expertise and building trust and credibility through all your activities.


The best way to resonate with your audience is to ensure that your website is usable. This is making sure that it is simple to navigate and to look at. The elements that create simplicity for your website include;

  • Colours: The colours you choose can communicate and evoke emotions.
  • Typography: The type of faces you use in your content will determine how well your customers will consume the contents.
  • Images: Photographs, illustrations, as other imagery should resonate with your brand and communicate the message you want.


Your website should be easy to navigate through. The layout should also be easy to understand and user friendly. Your audience needs to find what they want quickly without struggling.

Great Content

Web design basis also incorporates the content. It should not be just content, but it should be able to communicate clearly to the audience and help them to understand your brand.

Speedy Loading

A good website design needs to factor in the loading time of the website. People love it when websites load at a fraction of a second, and this saves them time. If your website takes forever to load, people will likely click away and look for content elsewhere.

Mobile Friendliness

A mobile-friendly website is a new norm. When designing a website, it is essential to make sure that it is responsive and can be opened by mobile users without struggling.

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