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How is a Core Update Different From Other Google Updates?

A core update happens when Google makes broad changes to its search engine algorithm and system. The purpose of the update is to improve users’ search experience by providing more relevant, helpful and trustworthy content. A core update is a huge deal.

A core update includes several changes to the algorithm that can impact site traffic, SEO ranking, how search results are delivered, how data-id is processed and the display of data on search engine result pages.

There are a few differences between core updates and other Google updates:

  1. The core affects a more significant percentage of all searches, about five to 10 per cent. Other Google updates affect just a tiny rate, about 0.1 to 1per cent of all searches. That means core updates have a tremendous impact on all searches compared to other updates.
  2. Core updates are not done daily. They are usually planned months in advance. Other Google updates are pretty much standard, and some are performed daily.
  3. When Google is conducting a core update, it announces its purpose, unlike minor updates.

How Core Updates Impact Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Core updates affect search engine optimisation drastically. Google SEO’s purpose is to adjust your website so that the ranking algorithm will favour it. When a core update happens, the ranking algorithm changes. The update might lead to your website’s search ranking dropping. It can also eliminate the impact of the ranking signal targeted by your website. Some core updates affect more than just the ranking; they restructure the search engine result pages. Other Google updates do not affect search engine optimisation ranking.

It is essential to know when Google is conducting a core update so that you can prepare yourself to reestablish your website in case your ranking has been affected. If this happens, you might need assistance or guidance on how to go about this. Anchor Digital is ready to help. We can help adjust your website or even create a new one. Visit our website or contact us for more information.