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How Algorithm Updates Affect your Business

Algorithms are complex systems used to retrieve data from its search index and immediately deliver the best possible results. When the algorithm is updated, it may affect your business in different ways. You may see some side effects when your company has been affected by an algorithm update, which will often depend on how your website is optimized.

So, how does an algorithm update affect your business?

User Behaviour

If Google shows your site to a new different customer, the users may use your website differently. Depending on the update effect, the conversion rate may increase or decrease due to the visitors. If the website is shown to more people, the conversion rate increases and if it is shown to fewer people, the conversion rate decreases.

Web Traffic

The algorithm changes can affect the way your site is optimised for search engines. Ultimately this will affect the amount of and type of people who get to visit the site, affecting your web traffic.

Ranking and Search Visibility

Algorithms updates affect your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. Updates can also filter out your business from the local map result. This will affect your revenue as customers will not visit your website for information about your products or services.

How can you Analyze the Effect of Algorithm Update on your Business?

  1. Examine your traffic from each source (This includes direct search, emails, referrals, etc.) Dig into changes found in traffic sources to your website.
  2. Analyse your page performance. This includes traffic, impressions, keywords and ranking. Keywords are essential in your content. Find out if the keywords have changed.

How to take Advantage of the Algorithm Updates

  1. Check traffic on the website. Ensure that your website has a high search engine optimization ranking (SEO).
  2. Focus on Customer Experience by understanding customers’ needs and responding to your clients daily.
  3. Make sure your listings are accurate on all platforms. This includes Facebook and any search engine.

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