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How Augmented Reality Can Be Used in Digital Marketing

Augmented reality is an enhanced version of the real physical world that is achieved through the use of digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli delivered via technology. Its use can be classified into three categories: Information overlay, digital package and virtual objects.
Augmented reality uses information overlay when your brand wants your consumers to discover a particular product by viewing it. Virtual objects help you communicate with your customers as they explore your products. For instance, furniture companies use this method to view furniture in the catalogue as if they are in your own home. Digital packaging augmented reality allow you to pass information to your customers with extra fun. It encourages creativity as you communicate with your clients.
So, How Can it Be Used in Digital Marketing?
Augmented reality can be used in digital marketing the same way it is used in the standard marketing space, such as:
  1. To create brand awareness.
When you use an augmented reality application to create this creative and engaging ad, you allow your client to share the incredible experience. Most people love to be associated with unique products; hence they will share them with their friends and family and social media platforms. It will create brand awareness and recognition. These ads are entertaining and capturing and provide value to clients and attract more potential clients.
  • To increase customer engagement.
Augmented reality ads capture and entertain, therefore, attracting more people to your social media platforms or website. With more traffic comes the sharing and more likes. You increase your social interaction and customer engagement just like that.
  • To improve a customer’s experience.
Augmented reality ads are very informative, and as your customers get to watch them, they discover more information about a product or service they previously didn't know. Therefore, your clients will always have more information about your brand. This translates to them making choices and completing translation at a greater speed.
Augmented reality improves your digital marketing experience at a very high rate. If you need assistance or guidance on augmented reality ads or digital marketing, the team at Anchor Digital is here to help. Visit our website to see our services or contact us for more information