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Choosing the right font for your brand

With the growth of social media, a company’s brand needs to be cohesive across all social platforms. Hence identifying the best font for your brand is very crucial. Your font needs to be unique and attractive. It also needs to reflect your company’s brand. Different fonts evoke different emotions; hence you need to find a font that truly and honestly shows who you are and what you stand for.

So, how do you choose the right font for your brand?

  1. Brand personality

Every brand has its personality. Brand personality attracts your clients and customers to you; it communicates to your clients and reminds them what your brand is all about. Choose fonts and adjectives that increase your brand’s awareness. The font you choose has to be aligned with your brand personality.

  1. Font classification

Fonts are classified into different categories. Each font has its personality trait and represents a particular thing. The classifications include; decorative, script, handwritten, serif, sans-serif and slab serif.

Serif is the oldest font. It is perceived as traditional, formal, classic, and profound. San-serif fonts look clean, contemporary, sleek, minimalistic, and elegant. The slab serif font is thick, the square-shaped serif gives a bold, masculine, quirky, yet modern look. Script fonts have an organic, warm and personal touch.

  1. Font pairing

You can pair fonts that you know and reflect your brand personality.

  1. Functionality

The font you choose must be legible. Your brand can’t communicate its message easily if the font is not readable. Always remember to make or select the most legible font.

  1. Flexible fonts

Fonts for brand logos come with different weights. Choose fonts with a weight that can define font hierarchies whenever possible. It helps keep consistency as well as make the brand more cohesive.

  1. Medium

Always consider the medium. Think long term when choosing fonts. The font you select will stick with you for a very long time, many years even. Good fonts can be used for different mediums such as digital and print. That includes presentation, packaging designs, social media images and banners for advertisement.

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